Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Cot Bed Creations - part 3

This week I'm showing what I made out of Kai's cot bed that broke
On Sunday I gave the picture clue....

Kai's new bed is a mid sleeper, meaning its about 120cm high, so he'd have more floor space to play on. He lost some storage space underneath his cot bed so I decided to make him something for his books and toys underneath his new bed. The only wood to hand was Kai's cot bed & some off Zacks bed (he also had a new one bought him)

sorry about the bad photo but it was a blumin' ackward photo to take!
I took the feet off the 2 end pieces of the cot bed and then cut these pieces in half width ways. To this I attached wood from Zacks bed for shelves. I also made a cube which was then attached to the cot bed sides, this was to house the draws along runners.

Tomorrow you'll find out what this is..

To see what the cot bed originally looked like check out THIS post, also to see the rest of the picture clues.


  1. I can't believe how much new stuff you have got out of one cot K. This is truly an inspirational set of posts!

  2. Wow! Impressive :)

    We got The Tomboy a mid-sleeper to try to free up a bit of play space in her small room - she sleeps UNDER the bed and uses the bed itself for all her soft toys. *sigh!*

  3. I think you deserve a medal for all these things you've made, they are brill! x



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