Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Cot Bed creations - part 2

This week I'm showing what I made out of Kai's cot bed that broke
On Sunday I gave the picture clue....

I bought a very cheap shoe rack a while ago ..... big mistake! It went flimsy very very quickly
& because of that (& lazyness) nobody usually uses it

so while moving the cot base I had a light bulb moment.

Using a saw, a hammer & a few nails....
..it became a new, 3 tier shoe stand with a tub for seasonal hats, scarves etc. It is sooooo much more study than my original stand.

Tomorrow you'll find out what this is..

To see what the cot bed originally looked like check out THIS post, also to see the rest of the picture clues.


  1. Another impressive make K and so much better than the one you bought! x

  2. That is brilliant and like Nicky says, the bought one isn't even a patch on it. the box is a great idea. may have to nick that one.



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