Friday, 24 June 2011

Rocking My World Friday

So I'm running a lil bit late with this but lets pretend I'm on time ;-)
This weeks been rather busy, jam packed, and my calendar is filling fast.

  • Though around Fathers day is always rather hard for me. I try & put my thoughts to one side so my children & Other Half  have a fun day. This year Ryan made a Lemon New York Cheesecake which was delicious, & very nice that I didnt have to cook that evening due to him making pub & us having chinese as a treat.
  • I went on a school trip to Cadermill Valley with Kai's class. Even sitting in pouring rain under a parachute to eat lunch was fun (stingey coach driver wouldnt let us eat on the coach, even though he was :-O It was a jam packed day with lots of lil cuddles, slipping onto my bum, tub boat races & the best bit PADDLING in the streams.
  • Again, cuddling on the sofa with Ry is definately high on my positives this week, lovely to just chill out together infront of the box together
  • An even fabber session on the Feast Bus, both cooking & chatting with the ladies on board, only 3 of us this week (plus the *teacher*) & we finished earlier than expected so we sat & had a cuppa
  • The lovely support I get on here in the comment box **mwahhhhhh** to all my followers (especially those who comment ;-)
So what are your positives of the week? If you fancy joining in link up on Celtic House.


  1. Woo eating under a parachute.. never done that lol. Don't blame the driver his boss probably told him not to let kids eat in there. Some bosses are meany mean people and would have given him a very hard time had he disobeyed him come you had something that size with you? Goodness that was fortunate :)

    Thanks for the comments on my post sometimes I look forward all day for an email saying someone has posted a comment- yes, I realise a Very Sad State Of Affairs but it's a bit lonely here sometimes so I have bocome a little on the needy side comment wise :)


    G xxx

  2. ...btw what's a feast bus? It sounds very nummy :)

  3. Fabulous list hun, can't believe the coach driver was so mean but you sound like you had even more fun under the parachute LOL! Don't stress about running late on these posts rocking posts any day of the week are simply great fun!

    Hope you're having a great weekend

  4. We had a baked New York cheesecake too - yummy! (and Fathers Day was a bummer for me too, first one since my dad died). Chinese takeaway - another Rocker had Chinese this week and I WANT ONE!

    School trips, you gotta love 'em. It always seems to rain! I've got one on Friday, The British Museum. Keep your fingers crossed for the weather.....

    Feast bus?


  5. Sounds like you are run off your feet. What a meanie that bus driver was. I'd have sat evil eying him, hoping he choked on his sandwich. But under a parachute sounds fun and I bet it was an adventure for the kids :)

    Big hugs K, you are such a support and inspiration to us too you know!



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