Friday, 17 June 2011

Rocking My World Friday

Life has been rather busy lately, mainly due to illnesses & the half term holidays. I'd like to say things are settling down but with a little one off with a Tummy Bug it hasnt got there yet. Its when times are this busy that I think we can miss out on the little positives that make life so worth while so I am taking a moment out to highlight mine.
  • Giggling with a good friend on the phone for hours having not spoken properly in months.

  • My youngest being so brave with a tummy bug he's had this week, he didnt cried once yet was quite violently ill at times.
  • My eldest for being very sweet to my youngest while he's been so ill including looking after him 1st thing in the morning so they didnt wake me up.
  • I started a little cooking course that shows how to cook healthy, nutricious food - its on for 6 weeks. We made pizza totally from scratch with a  tomatoey sauce jam-packed-full of veg that can be used for pizza's, a bolognaise base, a pasta sauce, chilli con carne base etc etc etc. I'll share with you the recipe soon.

  • Being able to go to, participate & chat on the course, theres 5 of us attending, & though this isnt a big thing for most people, a lot of you will realise what a step this is for me.
  • Not only that but I also went to a picnic at the school today, something I normally avoid due to the large volume of people but it was lovely & sooooooooo shows that my new tablets are working :-)
  • Finding time to craft
  • Date night!!! My other half & I have very different interests so will frequently spend time in different rooms, or in different "worlds" rather than engaging with each other properly in an evening (though we always chat while I'm cooking tea & before we fall asleep) so we've set aside saturday evenings to have our meal together after the kids go to bed and then cuddle infront of a movie. Its something we both look forward to now.
So there we go, another week almost over, this is probably one of my few quiet weeks left, being the last half term of the school year my diary is filling up fast with quite a few things to look forward to.
If you wish to join in please link up at Celtic House :-)


  1. Woohoo date nights are great.. it's been a while for me as I go to bed so early... the kids are amazed when I go to bed after them these days...

    Yeay for getting out on that course and finding time to craft- both things are great mood lifters

    Awwww poor bairn all ill but yeay for your eldest being so thoughtful and taking care of him's great when they do that

    Big hugs

  2. What a fabulous list despite struggling with tummy bug issues you've managed to see all the wonderful positives that are happening at the same time - which is aweseome! I love how you are going outside your comfort zone to do new things - think I need to take a leaf out of that book! Thank you for being part of Rocking Your World this week, your post was awesome and really made me think! Thank you!

  3. K! Am sending you big mahoosive hugs as well as cheerleading starjumps! SO proud of you and what you are doing at the moment! Yay to tablets and to YOU! Now - share that sauce recipe indeedy!

    As for date nights - I said a very simlar thing on my Rocking Post too ;)

    Hope the wee one gets better soon, it's the worst thing when they get ill as you feel so helpless don't you?

    Still grinning from ear to ear with this post though! GO K!



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