Wednesday, 21 December 2011

13 squirrels, 3 robins, 4 ponies & 4 dinosaurs..

..thats what we saw on our Yuletide walk, HONESTLY, its true, thats what we saw & I have the photos to prove it.

The other male folk were all out so Kai & I took our Yule walk together. We talk about the way things have changed along our route, whether by nature, the seasons or by man. We also spot wildlife as we go. Establishing this curiosity, a link with nature from my children, is very important to me, how can you expect someone to respect nature (or anything else) when they dont know about it.

We were out for about an hour & a half, it was fairly warm for this time of year and very peaceful.

"These are going to take FOREVER!"
Kai while walking up the steps.
Having spotted 3 squirrels in a short space we decided to start keeping count of them.
Kai also kept count of Robins, this Yuletide definately has a Robin theme due to Kai being a Robin in the school play, I have made robin hair clips & have robin ear muffs now as well ;-)

Along the route we walked past Wonderland. I'd already told Kai that if we were lucky we might spot some dinosaurs, he gave me his "Mom, are you being strange again?" look and queried "Skeletons?", "No", I answered "dinosaurs!"  I did tell him they'd be behind fences so he'd be ok though.

As I spotted the diplodocus I excitedly said to Kai "ooo, I think I can see something!!!!" He warily stepped forward looking nervous, until he spotted it & realised it wasnt real
See, proof, a real dinosaur!!!
We came across a bench so took some time out to sit down & listen to the bird song, look at the greenery, as though its winter there was a lot of ivy, ferns and holy around giving almost a fairy glen effect.

Further along were four ponies, very cute, short & stumpy, just the way ponies should be :-)

By the time we got home, Kai had worked up an appetite so I let him help get some toast spread. It definately wore him out as by 6:30, an houe before his usual bedtime, he started to fall asleep on my lap & asked to go to bed early .... well I wasnt going to argue with him now was I ;-)

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  1. K, you are a smashing mum! Your kids are going to have such a great start in life, with a mum like you.
    I loved the dinosaur part of the story!



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