Thursday, 15 December 2011

Christmas Visitors

Today was spent with my Mom & I sitting on my lounge floor, watching Neverland, with a cuppa, wrapping presents. Mom had brought over the presents she'd bought for us to wrap (except for mine which she wrapped last night :-) to save her having to carry loads on Christmas day, & being the last School Day that I had totally free I wanted to get as many pressies wrapped as possible.

No more visitors are pencilled in until Christmas eve, though others are likely to turn up before then. In preperation I do a quick tidy up & clean each morning, rewarding myself when done with a cuppa, bowl of cereal & an internet break. I'm also planning on making mince-pies & ginger biscuits to give out. I've stocked up on different types of drinks to suit all tastes, but shall also be making mulled wine & home-made baileys .......... I like to be prepared.

On Christmas Eve its usual for people to pop by to drop off presents, to see us & have a cuppa. For us its a very lazy, peaceful day so I make sure all housework is done the day before, then our visitors take us how they find us. This year I've bought Connect 4 & Guess who for the kids so I'm sure visitors will join in for a game or two of those. I've been told that the atmosphere is very warm, welcoming & relaxed in our house that day, which I took as a huge compliment, and exactly what I wanted :-)
I do a few simple steps to create a festive atmosphere, all the air fresheners in the house, be they sensor sprays, times sprays or simple press-the-button spray air fresheners, are all swapped for spicy apple/mulled wine scent. There are Christmas lights & decorations going up the stairs, in tha hallway, kitchen & largely in the lounge. The place is tidy but not overly immaculate, I like people to feel like they can relax, then I can relax.

Then theres the most important visitor of the day ... SANTA!!!! Of course we dont see him but we do leave out a mince pie and a glass of Pepsi for him. Leaving out a caffinated drink started when Zack was young & didnt want a drunk Santa flying around so we give him a drink with caffeine in to keep him going. We also leave a carrot out for the reindeer.


  1. I would love to pop in on Chrimbo Eve if only you were a smidge closer! We have friends over on Christmas Eve for a couple of hours for mulled wine and mince pies I also love all the Christmas flavoured fragrances at this time of year the cloakroom smells gorgeous!

  2. Oh I'm envious you are starting to sound prepared - I however am not LOL! Glad you managed some wrapping I've got a mass wrapping session to come over the weekend!

    biggest hugs

  3. Oh funny! I now have visions of a tipsy Santa, staggering into your house, drinking the cola and leaving with the shakes.... Ha ha!!

    Your home sounds so nice at Christmas... and you've reminded me that I need to get prepared for visitors too. DH has 6 friends coming on Tuesday for our usual "Traditional Party". Not sure how much longer he'll want to do this... it could be the last one... but I'm going to make it as nice as possible!

    Pity it's such a long drive from here to you... your home-made mincepies are fabulous and I'd love to drop in for another (and to see you!).

  4. That sounds so lovely - I'm another one who wishes she was close enough to drop in :)

  5. I too wish I lived nearer and could just drop in - your house sounds so warm and welcoming.
    Hugs xx

  6. What a lovely picture you have presented us with, we all want to come round, lol. It's great to be so organised, wish I was - I keep doing crafty things instead of the essential christmassy ones! x

  7. Awwwwwww shucks, right, everyone over to mine for a crafting good time. what? you live too far away? Oh bugger, probably for the best, dont think we'd all fit ;-)



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