Friday, 23 December 2011

I'm writing a list, checking it twice.

It was a busy busy day yesterday, with 2 weeks worth of food shopping delivered I wanted to prepare a few things to make the following weeks a little bit easier so yesterdays main jobs involved....
  • Getting the turkey out to begin defrosting
  • Cleaning the oven
  • Put the shopping away
  • De-boning 2 chickens & dividing up into tubs of white meat & red
  • 2 meals worth of meat balls made up
  • Made pigs in blankets, put them in a baking tray & put them in the freezer, ready to defrost on Xmas eve.
  • Started making a batch of mincemeat - it is currently sitting, absorbing the flavors ready to cook & Jar tomorrow.
Jobs yet to be done before Christmas....
  • Wrapping the last few presents
  • Writing my Christmas Dinner timetable
  • Writing a couple of cards for the Christmas eve visitors
  • Christmas day food preperation on christmas eve.
  • Bake mince pies
  • Give the house a last thorough clean through, no more housework to be done (except for the dishwasher) until the 27th.
 Woohoo, we're almost ready!!!!


  1. Yay, good for you :) I'm defrosting stuff today in readiness! I really ought to clean me oven too....

  2. *my oven, I don't really say 'me oven'!!

  3. Thorough clean going on here today... first time MIL will ever have been here. Don't want her to think we are slovenly slobs!

    ...and you just reminded me about defrosting the turkey!Eek! That could've been interesting!

  4. You are so sorted k, we are getting there but so much still to do. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and that Santa brings you some fabulous treats xxx

  5. You are soooo organised! Have a great Christmas and New Year K. x



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