Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas Decs

A Blessed Yule everyone :-) We've been enjoying our small celebrations here, but I'll tell you more about it tomorrow, as for today

Having done a BIG tidy up the other day our place is still tidy, woohoo!! So a good time to take photos of the decorations
My lounge ...... from the door

...from my seat in the lounge.
A candle in the middle of the table, ready to burn tonight..... & as if by magic, the photo currently on the digi frame is a snowy one (total coincidence that I've only just noticed).

The hallway, with stockings down the stairs, & a big red bow outside the front door

Little tree in the kitchen, with table runner, made out of 2 thin scarfs.
The purple table cloth you can see is actually a kind size sheet & is big enough to nicely cover the box of pressies under the table, shhhhhhhh.

What is it with my cats & wanting to get in the photos!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Your place is beautiful! And what a thrill to see my card on display :)

  2. Very nice! I love to see clutter less houses but never seem to manage it myself. We have stuff EVERYWHERE! x

  3. Your decorations look great - hope your Yule was cool ;o)



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