Friday, 16 December 2011

Rocking My World Friday

Phew, what a day its been!!! I spent a fantastic morning running around Jungleland with 2 coach loads of kids & adults (a ratio of 1 adult to each 6 children). While climbing around the place I'd pause to help smaller children climb up the levels that were a bit too tall for them ... or just to speed them up. We positioned ourselves at the top of the big wavy slide to ensure the children went one at a time, at times sliding down ourselves to then take up positions to make sure they kept away from the bottom of the slide (or at least it was a good excuse to have a go ourselves). I did get a bit over zealous with this roll & ended up helping kids up & moving them along when they werent even in our large group, oops! With a break for hot chocolate, lovely company and lots of fun it was a morning well spent. It has got to be my highlight of the week.

At about 2 I got a phone call to say Kai was ill with a funny tummy, could I go & get him, but even this was fun as we got to walk home in a blizzard of HUGE snowflakes before it turned back into rain.

Lastly, to make the day even better, the last of the pressies have arrived, woohoo! I'm not a smug "its all finished, I am soooooooooo organised" kind of person because its not over until the fat lady sings, or should that be until Santa goes to bed after a VERY long night. Theres still a few things to wrap, & the food delivery closer to Christmas day, plenty of time for things to go wrong if I get a bit too lax, over confident, or cockey.

Other things Rocking My World this week are ....
Posting out the last of my PIFs (pay it forward's), fingers crossed they arrive on time, this also means I got some crafting time in woohoo, they shall be revealed once I know they've arrived.

My bed, its lumpy, needs a new mattress but, o it is divine when you snuggle down after a hard day.

Zack for saying "your not THAT old", closest I'm likely to get to as a compliment like that from him, and Kai's friend Cloe for saying I was barely an adult ... seeing she's only 4 I'd have thought she'd see me as an ancient, I know I would have done at that age, lol. Or maybe I'm just that immature ;-)

Ryan for bringing in a big gooey chocolate brownie on a cold evening to share, mmmmmmmm.

Soooooooooooo what are your positives of the week, dig deep, have a think & join us over at Celtic House to link up.


  1. Glad you're having fun and are nearly ready for Christmas - I have yet to start. Thanks for the card - it arrived today and it did make me smile. How loud did they scream when the tape came off?

  2. What a fabulous list - the idea of having fun in a children's soft play centre sounds awesome! Even a poorly child meant a walk home in snow - hope he's feeling better today!

    I'm getting there on the present side of things but keep thinking I'm missing something essential that I can't put my finger on LOL!

    Loving the idea of that chocolate brownie it sounds yum!

    Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend;

  3. Great week! I hope Kai's tummy didn't evelop into anything bleugh - you don't need a bug working its way round the family a week before Christmas, however organised you are........

    Have a lovely week - get wrapping!


  4. Ooh, what a fun morning!! With hot chocolate...yum!
    Hope Kai is feeling better..we haven't had any snow, just sleet..:(

    I think I'm organised for Christmas...but I'm sure to have forgotten something!
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx



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