Friday, 2 December 2011

I'm dreaming of a White Chritmas...

...just like the ones I used to know.
Really & truely my memories of white Christmasses here in Shropshire are rare, we're far more likely to get grey weather with the odd sprinkling of rain. I dont mind this though, a grey background makes the christmas lights shine even brighter, it makes the colours pop & creates a warm cosey atmosphere inside. Then theres the excitement if it DOES snow on Christmas day.

Today felt like the coldest day of the season so far, it is the first day that I really felt like I needed to put all the different winter woolie layers on. Of course I have multiple wooly hats to choose from because, as many of you know, I do like my hats.
Its suddenly feels like things are getting festive. I love curling up in my chair with a warm drink at the end of a cold cold day, or sitting at the kitchen table, craft items out, feet on my tigger hot water bottle.

I love it when it actually does snow & I can take my lads skiing, sledging, builing a snowman or simply making snow angels

I do miss the winters of my youth, maybe its nostalgia clouding my memory, but I remember the snow being deeper, & I dont mean just in comparisson to my smaller self. My dad used to build an igloo outside our house, it always seemed huge to us & we could crawl inside with a few friends. He would use a hose in the evening to water it which in turn turned to ice & strengthened it. The igloo would last far longer than any of the surrounding snow. I wish I had a photo of one of them.


  1. Your Dad sounds so cool!

    So... is it actually snowing where you are or are you just dreaming? :P

  2. Lovely post. Photos are great. When were they taken?

  3. What a lovely post - your Dad sounds wonderful! I too think the snow was deeper when I was young:)
    Love the photos.
    Hugs xx

  4. Great post. Were those photos from last year's snow? This time last year we got quite a bit I seem to remember.. and we got a white Christmas. I prefer it to snow than just be freezing cold like today, it 'seems warmer' when it snows.

  5. I agree qwiksave, I think it seems warmer when there's snow too. I'd much rather see the white stuff than bitter cold and dreary weather.
    Enjoyed your post K!!

  6. Oh, yes! I remember the year we built an igloo too. Thanks for reminding me!



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