Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The bells 'r' gonna chime....

...well, probably not as I want a castle/ruin setting but anyway, lol, ...

Kate over at Make My Day UK has done a FABULOUS mood board for my wedding.

To curb the anger & wrath of any relatives and friends who want to know why they havent been invited yet its because a date is not set yet, we have other priorities for our money before getting married, such as getting me driving, being totally debt free etc etc Though myself & Ryan have discussed ideas.

Kate has got me down to a T..
I LOVE how the bridesmaid dresses match the wedding dress, something I hadnt considered. The bouquet is perfect, just the colours I was after. I want a mad hatters tea party now, lol, this is where Kate shows she really knows my style, OH & I want to get married on Samhain (halloween) & plan to have a fancy dress party .... I bet Kate's brain would explode with so many ideas for that one. The mismatched china & teapot idea is FAB, not only would it look great as a mad hatters tea party but with donations from family, friends, and freecycle it would also save a bomb on glass hire.

Thank you so much for my mood board Kate, I think you have encapsulated my style perfectly and have given me a lot to think about :) xx

Please hop on over to Make My Day UK & follow Kates journey from the beginning into the wedding business.


  1. Was gonna say Congratulations then realised it wasn't happening quite yet!! Loving some of Kate's ideas for your big day tho!

  2. Me too! (I was also going to say Congratulations). What a great idea, a mood board. I've heard of them for interior design but not for special occassions. Yours is looking fab.

  3. I wanted to know where my invite was ;o) hehehehe



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