Saturday, 14 August 2010

Summer Fun: week 3

Boredom is starting to slowly creep up, the kids havent mentioned it but Zacks actions are starting to show towards the end of this week that next week I shall definately have to do more projects.

1. Painting
We did painting in the garden with rollers, stamps and sponges. Neither rain nor sun was going to stop us (we continued painting even in a quick shower of rain). For more photos look here.

2. Blowing Bubbles

We spent ages in the garden blowing bubbles using a bubble gun and 2 bubble swords I bought in poundland (most places its 1 for 99p, on poundland it was a set of 2)
(More piccies here)

3. Climbing The Wrekin & a Picnic
The Wrekin is a local attraction, surrounded by the most amazing views. The views are so wonderful that its actually what J.R.Tolkien based the Shire on in Lord of the Rings. All 3 of us walked to the top and had a picnic just before we reached the sumit. Zack was amazed by the views and enjoyed climbing the trees whereas Kai enjoyed collecting pinecones, the freedom and trying to climb trees.
(more photos and a links to info on The Wrekin here)

4. Marshmallow Muffins

We got the recipe from Alys blog, Life's Laundry. Hers look much nicer but that could be to do with Zack misunderstanding the recipe, he though 3oz sugar meant 30 ounzes, oops! So I had to scoop quite a lot of sugar out the bowl & I think a bit of the baking powder went with it. They still tasted gorgeous though and go even more amazingly with custard poured over the top.

5. Painting...
..of the room is still going on, though we've had a few mishaps, such as the paint tray being spilt all over the floor (thank goodness for cheap laminate flooring), paint covered clothes being dropped onto clean clothing (luckily only a bit of paint went on them and I spotted it quick enough to scrub off).

Please use Linky Tools below to show us any activities you've been upto this week with your children.


  1. Oh those muffins look delish! I may have to go investigate!

  2. P.s wheat bag sounds divine - is that something you made or one of those microwave jobs? Neck is not so bad today but still stiff and hurty :(



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