Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Want to try wednesday

This Wednesday its more of a what I WANT wednesday. I want more of this....

Please come back sunny days, I want to go blackberry picking, I want to go to a nice sunny beach, or play in the park without getting wet. I think this lack of sun is also getting to peoples moods, so many people are feeling down atm (myself included) but I'm wondeing if its because its been so grey lately.

The weather doesnt normally stop us from doing things though, such as on monday we were painting on paper in the garden, it began to rain but I told the kids not to worry, they'd have to have a bath after anyway so a bit of rain wont hurt, it was warm anyway.

What are you guys wanting this week?


  1. Is it not sunny where you are today K? It is here in Warwickshire. My boys have gone with their dad to London so I've got a free day, yay!

    What I am wanting is to find a way of getting an income, preferably from my crafting. That would have to be my 'most wanted' atm.

  2. It was this morning Nicky so we went up the Wrekin, started to rain just as we got in the car, fabulous timing :D



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