Saturday, 5 December 2009

2 On the 4th day of christmas I got for Choccy & Furry...

...some lovely smelling vicks scented bath salts

This Jar of bath salts will clear your sinus', Head or just wake you up!

I mixed 1 cup coarse sea salt with 2 cups epsom salts, a few drops of vicks scented oil and 1/4 teaspoon of glycerin. I then split it into 2 different dishes and added blue colouring to the one bowl and stirred well.

Finally I layered it up in the jar, first blue, then white, blue, white etc until as full as I wanted it to be.

To use you just take as spoonfull or so and add to running bath water. Lie in the bath, soak, enjoy :)

To see what I received check out my other blog.


Liberty :) said...

Oh my god! I would LOVE these! My nose-al is always stuffed up :/ please open your Etsy shop now!

Carmen said...

Agreed! This sounds awesooooome!

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