Tuesday, 8 December 2009

On the 8th day of Christmas I gave to Choccy & Furry

...an altered piece of Jewellery

I was one of the bargainous people who queue'd up outside Marks and Spencers on their first 25th anniversary 1p items day. The queue was long but people were in good spirits. We were all given a bag, and on entering the store a bag of sweets and can of gingerbear were popped into the bag. I let my Mom chose an item (she arrived late so stood with me but didnt feel it was fair to get a bag seeing she'd pushed in) and I chose a bracelet and necklace.

When I got home and looked at closer I saw the coin on them was almost as poor a quality as my photos, cant complain for 1p items so I put them to one side thinking they'd come in handy at somepoint.

On my travels I came across 2 little humming bird charms, one with pink wings, the other with blue. I thought they'd be perfect for my busy friends, who rarely sit on the laurels doing nothing, Furry's usually got an activity or 2 planned and Choccy is always crafting.

I carefully removed the coins and replaced them with the humming birds, which went on perfectly, and looked a million times better.

So heres what they received yesterday:-

To see what I received check out my other blog.

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