Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Card holder wreath

I shall post my first make of the advent swap tomorrow, that way I know the girls should have opened them. Until then, heres what I made yesterday...

I got the idea from Martha Stuart but couldnt find an embroidery hoop large enough, so I took some florists wire, taped 4 pieces together, moulded them around my circular washing basket and taped the ends together.
I then wrapped ribbon around it and glued the end. Over this glued bit I put some ribbon to hang it up with and a bow at the top (made from wired ribbon).
Finally I attached craft pegs on with the glue gun, some pointing inwards for smaller cards, and some pointing outwards for the larger cards.

Heres what it looks like without cards on:-


  1. That's fantastic, I love it!!!

  2. It's fabulous - what a brilliant idea :D And great way of getting round the hoop with your laundry basket.

  3. wow how talented are you Mrs!!!???



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