Thursday, 24 December 2009

On the 22nd day of Christmas I gave to Choccy & Furry..

...a 2010 calender
This is where my stalker powers and (rather small) internet knowledge came in handy. I found some photos of Furry and her family - this is what happens when people put photos up on the internet, people like me turn them into calenders, you have been warned!!!

Choccy was harder, there were few photos to find of all her family, and I didnt want to miss anyone out, so as I know she loves Magnolia Stamps I set about finding the best pictures made with these, and use those.

I made 2 totally different style calenders, both with Microsoft Publisher, printed them out (which working out which way to put the card so it printed the right way, back on back, in what order etc was mind numbing late at night) and used a binder to fasten them together. I then punched a hole at the top so it can be hung up.

To see what I received check out my other blog.

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