Saturday, 26 December 2009

On the 24th day of Christmas I gave to Choccy & Furry..

...a scrapbook page of memories.

I wanted to do a personal scrapbook page for both Furry and Choccy - These were my 2nd & 3rd pages I'd ever done so was concerned about getting them looking good, especially trying to do them in a style I thought they'd like.

FURRYS - The gift of friends:

I printed off photos that were taken the first time we'd met, and ones I thought we'd all like. I put a wonderful poem that I found with it, though I have to admit, edited it slightly to make it suit better.
I backed it all on brown as I know this is Furrys favourite colour, putting it with pink and ivory as I think these colours looked fab together.
The embellishment "good times" was a piece of card which I used glossy accents on to make it "pop"

CHOCCYS - Ironbridge
I tried to split this layout to represent the 3 areas of ironbridge we visited when Oona came to Telford.
On the left is photos of Blists Hill, a victorian town so its on victorian style paper that I aged slightly.
The centre is the time spent outside, both on the actual ironbridge and playing in the park. I mounted this on mellow yellow paper that faintly says "laugh, love, fun" which I thought was perfect.
On the right is our time at Enguinuity, a science fare type place, full of learning, hence being on a background of clocks, notes etc.

Too see what I received check out my other blog.


  1. These are gorgeous, what a wonderful idea :)

  2. These are really really lovely K, a lovely idea :)



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