Tuesday, 15 December 2009

On the 15th Day of Christmas I gave to Furry & Choccy..

...a post it note holder and matching address book

I'd been wanting to make one of these Post it note holders, and thought an address book was a good idea to go with it, in my head telephone messages (when not on a machine) are frequently written on post it notes, so here would be your address book all ready incase you needed to call them back, or contact someone about the message.

I took a thick piece of card and cut it into a square shape. I covered the front with paper (brown in Ruths favourite colour, and I know Oona likes chinese themes), then added a looped strip of paper and fastened to the back to hold a pen. I then placed a matching piece of paper to the back to hide any of the card and secure the loop of paper even more. I placed the post it note pad on the front and fastened with a bull dog clip which also allows it to be hung up if wanted.

The address books I took apart and recovered, adding a couple of stars/chinese image to the front so it didnt look so plain.

Too see what I received check out my other blog.

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