Tuesday, 15 December 2009

On the 14th day of Christmas I gave to Furry & Choccy..

...a slice of Loofah Soap

I read up on soap making and decided it was best I tried Melt and pour soap. I saw some soaps with a loofah on them, good for the circulation, exfoliates as you soap, and they looked fab!

I read & read & read, and the main point I came across was that you could use any water tight container for soap moulds as long as it was clean & you could get the soap out of it. I thought a pringle container was perfect if I could fit a loofah in it.

I bought some melt & pour soap off ebay, with a goats milk base and no sls. I then went loofah hunting. Loofahs are made from the fruit of a plant, I have to admit I used to think they were made from sea cucumbers and am very thankful I learnt otherwise. They arent scarce, except in shops!!!! Online p&p make them silly prices so I visited a lot of shops to find one. Shops now adays like back scrubbers, or hand loofahs, mits etc, not old fashioned loofahs. I finally found one in a Tesco Extra store, or rather I found half one.

I cut it in half and pushed it into the pringles tub, or should I say pushed, and pushed, and shoved, it was a very tight fit.
I melted the soap in a melting pot (a stainless steel indian food dish over a saucepan of hot water) and using a food thermometer to stir got it to optimum melting point, and took it off the heat. I stirred in scent and a small amount of Mica glitter (used in beauty products), then poured it over the loofah quickly.

I then left it for 48 hours (with the pringle lid on) to set.

When set I ripped off the pringle tub and sliced into soap sized pieces. I wrapped it up in baking parchment to keep it clean but allow it to sweat a bit if need be.

To see what I received check out my other blog.

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  1. Oh-My-God! How cool can you get? Fanblimmingtastic woman! Wow.



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