Friday, 18 December 2009

While your in a Christmassy mood...

...heres a Halloween Layout, lol
I dont think I've developed a "style" yet with scrapbooking, too early I guess, and I'm enjoying playing with different shapes, and styles. What has surprised me is that I'm using hardly anything that I'd learnt from books, hmmm, might not be a good thing but I prefer to play things by eye.
Yup, that is a piccy of me with my devil horns on, its one of the things I like about giving my eldest my old digi cam, I might get a lot of awful photos but at least there are some of me!! & yes, you will get sick & tired of that dress, it is my fav :) I also have a bag and corset on the same material so I'm sure those will "crop up" (boom boom, sorry bad scrapbook joke) at some point.


  1. nice! i like the background paper! was it an image in a former life?

  2. Its a 12x12 sheet I've had for ages of an old, bare tree infront of a moon, had that lovely creepy feel to it.

  3. I think we do scrapbooking for us anyway - I fell into the trap of trying to do what it said in books till OH said to me oneday that he missed my early style when I first started which focused more on the pictures and the journalling than on the other stuff. I realised that when Ilook back my favourite pages are my early ones too so now I still go on sites like UKS and admire the work but have gone back to basics. So much pretty stuff out there it's hard to remember it's there to embellish not take over. I love your style for that very reason.

    The paper on this is gorgeous as is your dress!



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