Friday, 11 December 2009

On the 11th day of Christmas I gave to Choccy & Furry

.....A farmyard notice board

I saw some 12x12 notice boards in poundland and knew I wanted to alter them somehow, I also saw some 3d animal stickers which were my inspiration, that & Furrys love for Pigs (sorry Mr Furry, sure thats not why she fell for you)

I painted the notice boards a couple of times with green paint to give a field effect, I didnt want it perfect as, well, fields arent are they!

I first of all just unpeeled the stickers and stuck them down but found that this didnt hold them so used the glue gun. While it was out I also used the glue gun to attach crystal gems to the mini bulldog clips, and on top of the drawing pins.

I clipped the bulldog clips to the top so the noticeboard could be hung up, and also added 3 stripes of magnet to the back so it can also be put on a fridge or similar if wanted.

To see what I received check out my other blog.


  1. How comes I never spot stuff like this in Poundland? Cool noticeboards :D Can't believe you all lugged all these to the NEC!

  2. Lets just say I was very glad to put them down, lol. Choccy & Furry both came in cars so they got popped in those asap :)



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