Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Denim Patchwork Quilt Cover

I have loads of old Jeans that dont fit, far to worn, or stained to ebay, so want to put them to good use. One idea I had was to make a patchwork quilt from them & some of the ones I found while googling are beautiful...

I love how the embroidered patterns on the jeans are used on this one.
And the different coloured jeans, with the seams showing.

The frayed edges look just fab
& I think this one is a great example of how other fabrics can be incorporated into the design.


  1. Ohhhh I love that top one. Aaargh - just chopped my old jeans up for the rag bag!

  2. Ooh what a great idea. I have so many jeans that i could snip up lol. They havent gor pretties on them though. Just plain old jeans. Might have to get my scissors out. I still have my fav ever pair of jeans that i had to have cut off me, when my leg was smashed. Hmmm might see if i can ask mum to turn then into a bag after reading Carmens rag bag idea.



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