Thursday, 10 June 2010

Stair step card

I love this magnolia stamp, she just seems so elegant and goes with the piano perfectly.
I made a stair step card and covered the back with Llewelyn-Bowen Retro Rose, and the "steps" with a sheet of green paper.

I coloured in the stamped images with promarkers, then fastened the piano and stool to the front step, and tildas legs to the next step.
Simple yet effective me thinks.


  1. Beautiful card K, love the step on it!! love the images aswell x

  2. Wow K, this is so beautiful xxx

  3. Girls you are right. Its the most gorgeous card ( It now lives at my house on my bookshelf ;o) ) xx

  4. I have so enjoyed catching up on your blog! What a fab range of projects - love this card, love the fabric necklace especially (definitely want to have a go at that!), love the ice cream surprises - oh, love it all! :-) And thanks so much for your kind blog award, I'm still catching up after my holiday but I haven't forgotten and I'm very grateful xx

  5. Awwww, you girls are gonna make me blush, specially you Mel ;)

  6. I've never thought of magnolias as elegant before but she looks very elegant & lovely in your colours & the piano is cute.



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