Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Layered Skirt

Spring and summer always make me want new dresses & skirts, and this year is no exception.

I love the skirts with lots of layers...

All floaty, and very feminate ...
...looking beautifully gothic..

and all in my favourite non-colour. The best ones are always handmade, gives them a unique look, also cuts the cost as these in shops usually cost a bomb.


  1. Just gorgeous K. I would love, LOVE to wear this sort of stuff - that girl at the bottom, I would love to look just like her with her complexion :P But in reality I look like a sack tied up in the middle when I wear skirts and as a result haven't worn one in years and years.

  2. wow these are gorgeous, where did u find them?
    Jo xxxx

  3. Hi Jo, I just googled layered goth skirt for inspiration one day & these came up after a bit of searching.



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