Sunday, 13 June 2010

No sew altered top

ok, I know, this is meant to sewing saturday but its my blog so meh! :-p lol.My favourite T-shirt is getting a tad tight for me, so rather than giving it up I decided to alter it.

Unfortunately I started chopping before took pics, so this is my fav T-shirt minus the arms (they were getting a tad tight around the pits), the neckline (again, not enough give in it), and the bottom (so it matches the rest of the edges)

I made slits down the sides and added eyelets with my crop-o-dile which I then laced up with ribbon.

I then made slits in the back and weaved them together.
This is only the story so far....

The t-shirt is now too short, and rolls up. I need to find a way of lengthening it, hopefully to turn it into a long t-shirt without bringing too much attention to my lower waist (my particular problem area)


  1. You are so clever! What a great way of extending the life of a garment. DD has a dress she loves but has grown out of maybe I could try something like that with my crop o dile!

  2. Love it :-) What a fab idea! Looking forward to seeing how you finish it off xx

  3. Fab! I will watch with interest how this t-shirt progreasses, I have so many that are like that but that I can't bear to throw away :)

  4. What a fab top!! love the way you have done the lacing under the arms! xx



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