Friday, 11 June 2010

ring pull belt

You may remember I featured Ring Pull Makes on one of my Want to make wednesdays. Thanks to my good friend Choccy (& her friend Julia, many thanks to both of them) for collecting ring pulls and sending them to me I had enough to make a belt....

It took 206 ringpulls to create. This does up nicely on my size 14 jeans, but is loose when fastened around my waist (to give you an idea of size, ring pull ratio)
I used a headpin, threaded through the bead & then looped to create and end for the ties.


  1. I love it! I'm trying to get into upcycling myself.Just fab!

  2. Beautiful I love it K and I bet it looks perfect on you!! xx

  3. Wow that looks fabtastic!!

    I'm always really excited when I see things people have made like this... really inventive and goodness, do you know how much people would probably pay for something like this?? You should set up a shop lol


  4. Wow, this is stunning - so unusual! :-)

  5. that is amazing! Looks fantastic hope to see you modelling it one day!

  6. Wow !! It looks fantastic K..
    I actually have another belts worth to send you LOL xx

  7. This looks really good! And good for the environment too, using up something that would normally end up in landfill, brill.



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