Sunday, 20 June 2010


I have been having a good sort out of my sons old clothes, sorting out those to pass down, to ebay, & to recycle. Some items were to faded, or badly stained to go anywhere but the bin, but, as with many baby/young childrens items, they had cute images on.

I roughly cut out the images, leaving as large a border as I could as I dont know how much I'll need when I use them.

I put them in a box so they are at hand should I wish to sew them onto another piece of clothing, or maybe use one that brings back memorys on a scrapbook page.

I also removed any fastenings such as zips, bottons etc, so these can be used again as well.


  1. What a great idea. Wish i had thought of things like that. I only kept the clothes each of them came home in. Oh and Lukes 1st pair of trainers ( that were tiny !) xx

  2. What a lovely idea. It's hard to believe our children ever fitted into those teeny weeny baby clothes is it? Even the motifs bring back the memories.

  3. Great idea!! I have lots of little people clothes, but just can't beat to cut them up!! x

  4. I've done something like this - great way to feel like the clothes aren't being wasted :-) I used small motifs inside aperture cards mostly. Can't wait to see what you make with these! xx



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