Monday, 14 June 2010

K's Ice Cream Surprise

This is a very simple to make desert with so many possibilities.

Cake, cut into slices (I used swiss roll)
Icecream (I used 2 tubs soft scoop vanilla)
Sweets/Fruit/Nuts (I used haribo, I wont next time ;-)
Large bar chocolate (I used my fav, cadburys dairy milk)

Initially line a freezable bowl with clingfilm, then line with slices of cake.

Put a layer of icecream over the cake. If its soft scoop you can use straight away, if not leave it out an hour, or until it becomes soft, first.

Then a layer of treats (sweets/nuts/fruit or whatever takes your fancy)

Add another layer of icecream...

Another layer of sweets....
then use icecream to level off. Put in the freezer until fully frozen.

When the ice cream is refrozen, melt chocolate, remove cake from the bowl and peel off the cling film.

Place on a plate & pour the melted chocolate over the top.

The chocolate will start to set and go hard. You can either eat it straight away or cover and freeze again until needed.

This is a gorgeous, sinful pud, though I wont use the haribo again, they go too hard with freezing and take forever to eat.


  1. Wow! That looks positively sinful! Looks pretty yummy though. What an indulgence for first thing Monday Morning! :-)

  2. Oooo that's a so yummy, (shame about the calories!) x

  3. Wow that looks fantastic, can you send me a slice down please K, or has it all gone already ;-)

  4. yummy yummy nom nom nom when can I come round??? Or is it all gone???

  5. That looks like FUN! Mmmmmm :-)



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