Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Magnetic Tray

This is a simple idea but one that I want to try.
You take a magnetic tray (ones used here are baking trays) and decorate it. It is then used as a noticeboard, or maybe even a childs play board.

I'm keeping my eyes open for a decorative metal tray to use, possibly keeping it simple, using the magnets as decoration.
I think they'd also make wonderful presents.


  1. What a good find! They could look great. Thanks for that idea, K. x

  2. Great idea, love the ones here x

  3. Brilliant idea - hmmm methinks great presents as well like you say!

  4. p.s I knew if anyone would appreciate how much drooling I have done over my surprise pressie it would be you! *g*

  5. I started one of these but never finished it about 3 years ago! maybe I need to get it out again and revive it!



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