Saturday, 23 July 2011

Summer Hols "To Do" list

Its that time again people, & the mood my lil mans been in lately I am kinda dreading how its going to go, so I am hoping being prepared will help a lot. I've been restocking the paint box, investing in foam shapes as well as picking up any extra bits & bobs I've spotted along the way.

This year, with Zack being older (12) & therefore a lot more independant my list has changed a little from last year & is focusing more on my 4 year old, Kai. Most of the activities Zack will still happily join in with if he's around, even if its "just to help Kai" ;-) *wink wink* of course.

I think this year, as the list is so huge & we probably wont get round to doing it all, saturday I'll let you know what we've been upto & leave links to what others have been upto, & on Sunday I'll explain in more details some of the ideas on the list e.g such as a play dough recipe, or/& explain "fake photos"

Indoor play
-Read a book (eldest can read to youngest or you can read to them)
-Write a story (can be done with pictures like a comic strip)
-Salt Dough models
-Paint Salt Dough (when its been cooked)
-Bake biscuits/cake(s) & decorate
-Make a sock puppet
-Put on a play (maybe with sock puppets)
-Collage picture out of old mags/catalogues
-Decorate clothing/shoes
-Make a suncatcher from black card with tissue paper glued over the cut out holes.
-Make scratch pictures - use crayons on card then paint over with acrylic/poster paint. Leave to dry then scratch in picture
-Make beads from fimo/paper/straws - thread onto string for themselves or as presents.
-Finger print pictures
-Make bread (can create their own shapes with it)
-Make a jigsaw
-Face painting
-Decorate picture frames
-Colouring in pictures
-Pasta necklaces - paint, add glitter, leave to dry & then thread)
-Movie day - make popcorn together, draw the curtains & put on a movie
-Treasure hunt (with clues for Zack)
-Scrapbooking - make a holiday scrapbook
-Straws & tape construction
-Foam door hangers
-Egg cup caterpillar - the egg carton "cups" cut off, painted & threaded together to make a caterpillar
-Toilet paper binoculars
-Pressed flowers (takes 10 days according to Martha Stewart)
-Paint/crayon on pebbles
-Use hand/foot prints to make other pictures.
-Rainbow rice gardens
-Make a dream catcher
-Make pinwheels
-Make chalks
-Make a sun wheel

Outdoor play
-Paint using hands/feet (& normally the rest of them as well, good outside activity)
-Make bubble paint prints (washing up liquid in watered down paint, blow bubbles with straws then place paper on top)
-Plant some seeds
-Paddling pool
-Decorate plant pots
-Turn a jar into a vase - cover in polyfilla or similar, stick on gems, shells etc
-Paper mache mask &/or hot air balloon
-Potato printing
-Junk Modelling - stick together cereal boxes, tubes, bottles etc to make a "sculpture"
-Mini beast hunt - either see what bugs they can find & identify, or give them a list to find
-Scavanger hunt - give them a list of things to find & bring back
-Photo Scavanger Hunt – give a list of items/ideas to find & take photos of.
-Messy play—make gloop, shaving foam (paint)
-Teach old games e.g Hopscotch
-Chalk piccies on the paving slabs
-Make sand stepping stones
-10pin bowling
-Fake photos
-paint in a bag
-Temporary pebble play

Possible trips out (all depends on transport & cash flow)
-Ice Skating
-Cinema—kids club
-Ironbridge Gorge Museums
-The Wrekin
-Pizza Hut
-Blackberry picking
-Apple scrumping
-Visit Family
-Go to the Park
-Fly a kite
-Feed the Ducks
-Welly Walk - go for a walk after the rain in wellies & old clothes to jump in the mud & puddles.
-Mapped walk—Z can make a route to follow or we can follow an already set route
-Photo walk - the kids get to take their own photos, so you get a kids eye view
I would love it if you could get involved with my posts, if you've done a post on what your children have been upto please let me know in the comments section & I'll add it to next saturdays post.
If you find or write a tutorial/idea for something the kids could do during the hols, again, please let me know in the comments below & I'll add a link to it in next sundays post with recognition that you left the link.

Happy Holidays all, may it be fun & stress free

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