Friday, 8 July 2011

Rocking My World Friday

Its Friday again, woohoo, so what Positive things has this week brought me?

I'm sleeping soundly again, yay!!! I think if I'd gone much longer I'd probably have gone even more loopy than I am now.

I had a day of crafting & it was glorious. I didnt get much done (2 cards, some rice krispie squares (recipe will be up wednesday) & strawberry cupcakes (recipe will be up tuesday)) but it was lovely to sit & play.

Ryan bought me a bouquet of White Lillies (no, I'm not superstitious). Its the first time he's ever BOUGHT me flowers (we've been together near enough 9 years).

Zack received an award at his school this week. For each subject a girl & boy are chosen from each year who have achieved the most in that subject. They also try & work it so theres no duplication either. Zack won his for Science. I am sooooooooo very proud of him and to be honest, happy that it was a subject other than Maths as this is the subject that he really excels in ... its nice for him to get high praise in other subjects as well.

I was yet again on the FEAST bus this week & learnt not only how to make chicken curry from scratch, carrot & oat muffins & strawberry muffins but also how to portion off a raw chicken!!! I'm not squeamish around meat, as long as its been prepared for me (i.e no heads etc, very sorry to any vegetarians out there) then I'm ok to deal with it. We learnt how to remove the legs, wings & breast meat. It felt a real achievement to me, & works out so much cheaper than buying fillets.
More about the FEAST bus on Sunday when I will tell you all about it with a few photos.

As you will be seeing on my blog these coming weeks I've been baking loads of food from scratch & have been thoroughly enjoying it. I enjoy putting the effort into the food when my family show they appreciate it.

So how has your week been? If you want to share or have a look at other peoples weeks pop on over to Celtic House.


  1. What a wonderful week.
    Well done to DS for his achievement in Science.
    And what beautiful flowers. Lucky you. :)
    Can't wait to see your recipes next week.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx

  2. great upbeat post full of happiness and light! Congrats to Z for his award! Love the Feast bus too xxx

  3. great upbeat post full of happiness and light! Congrats to Z for his award! Love the Feast bus too xxx

  4. Phew you managed sleep - I'm so glad!

    I love those lilies - my favourite flower when I get them!

    the feast bus looks amazing!

    well done to DS for winning an award in something other thans maths!

    Hope you have a beautiful and blessed week!

  5. The feast bus sounds amazing. I agree - I love cooking from scratch too.

    Well done to DS for his award - Phoebe got pupil of th eyear for her class so will be going to that assembly next week - you feel so chuffed on their behalf don't you?

    Good news on the sleeping too - I don't know how you coped - I get so grouchy and feel sick when I don't sleep well.

    Hope you have another good week this week :)

  6. The FEAST bus is such a great idea - I wouldn't know how to joint a chicken, it would get very messy! Great to hear of a science award (as a total non-scientist!), we need all the scientists we can get.

    BEAUTIFUL flowers, lucky you. I only ever get chrysanths (cheap and last for-bloody-ever, grrrrr).

    Pleased you're getting some more sleep - I can't function on less than my 8 hours so totally understand strain of not getting enough sleep.

    Have a great week,




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