Saturday, 16 July 2011

Summer Holiday Fun...

This time next week my sons will be on their summer holidays school for 6 weeks which is actually quite short compared to the last few summer hols; Its not short when it comes to a childs abilities to amuse themselves so, as many of my long time followers already know, I have a list of activities they can do to keep them busy & having fun. It also helps my sanity, bored kids = annoying kids!

Next saturday I'll share my list with you, and each saturday after that share what we've been upto. I'm sure, with Zack being 12 & spending more time with his friends he wont be in as many photos as last year, but you never know, his friends might want to join in some activities as well.

I'd love it if we could help each other & you guys could share some of your ideas for the summer hols in the comments as well.

To see Summer hols 2010 look HERE


  1. Have fun! Those days are long past for me but I remember DS and had friends had great fun "camping out" in the garden.
    Hugs xx

  2. I will be following with interest, and hopefully will be doing similar and swapping ideas.

    (Your link to last years isn't working) Nicky x

  3. OOps, just found last years - I had to scroll down.



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