Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A Sweeeeeeet Blog Award

The lovely Carmen has decided I'm sweet ..... I knew those sugary things I eat were good for something

So, the rules...
"The rules are that I must share 7 things with you about myself and pass the award on to 8 other bloggers (who must then do the same)."

Lets see, things I havent told you before that you might find a teeny bit interesting, ooo, hows about some sugary facts...
1. I only eat porridge to enjoy the brown sugar on top.
2. At school we'd sneak out at lunch to buy battered Mars Bars
3. As a student I wouldnt eat or drink anything within the college building unless it was chocolate.
4. My favourite chocolate is cadburys, I'd prefer that over any of the posh stuff.
5. I love cocktails, the sweeter the better - but very rarely drink alcohol.
6. Dr Pepper used to give me such a sugar/caffeine rush that I would appear almost drunk.
7. I used to nik spoonfuls of demerara sugar out of my moms baking tub to eat .... I still enjoy eating it now

So who to pass it on to....

Fully fledged Noonie (Nanny Oonie) aka Chocolate orange - the reason is self explanitory, lol

Ruth - Coz she always leaves the loveliest, sweetest of comments - & is generally a fab person.

Mel - A fab fab fab blogger, always something interesting to read on there & is a lovely person as well - a bit of a nutty bar.

Sarah - coz she's just the sweetiest person you could ever meet

Hayley - She makes the yummiest cakes & biccies

PB aka @purplebunny - a sweet gal to talk to on twitter

Nicky - A talented crafter of mixed mediums ... which I'm sure will have included sweet wrappers at some point.

So thats me done ....a perfect theme to go with the many food posts I am planning on writing ... thanks Carmen.


  1. I think my teeth all just about fell out in shock at this post! Blech K! And blech again! :D :D You really are a SWEET person!

  2. thank you hun! You are a true sweetheart and I hope I remember to post this on my blog and send it out to another 8 people xxx ps just ate some more chocolate!

  3. Awww, thank you k, I am blushing at the lovely comment. Will repost on my blog later xxx

  4. Sugar rush! Carmen chose well.
    Hugs xx

  5. Awww! Thanks K for choosing me too, I must admit I went and checked to see whether I was the 'Nicky' you meant! lol. Will look forward to seeing what interesting facts will be revealed by the other award winners. xx



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