Friday, 1 July 2011

Rocking MY world Friday

Its been an up & down week & I have to admit I'm really not in the mood to do anything, feeling rather down & sorry for myself, so its probably the perfect time to reflect on the positives & cheer myself up.

I have a nasty cough, it attacks mainly when my chest & throat are anything but totally vertical ... yes sleeping is virtually impossible & non existent, in the past 72 hours I've had about 8 hours sleep, therefore I am VERY thankful I managed to get about 4 hours kip last night in fits & bursts.

The tiredness is starting to show as I cooked the pasta for Macaroni cheese only to find I hadnt enough Milk or Cheese to complete it, I was too tired & stressed to even think of what else I could use it for. So I am very grateful that not only is Ryan & Zack went to the chippy for me but that I also had enough cash in the house for them to do so.

This morning I had a lovely hour at Kai's Pre-school making chocolate rice krispie cakes with him. I shall miss the staff there when he goes into reception class in September.

I received a letter from Zacks school saying he'd been nominated for a prize at the ceremony evening in celebration of good work/working hard & inviting us too attend (oh, he is soooo going to love me attending with my non-norm hair colour, not! lmao). We're not too sure exact details though I would guess its for Maths work. Me being a mean Mummy folded the letter up so only my name & the letter head showed, when Zack came home I put on a stern face & asked Why on earth was I receiving letters from his school about the quality of his work, what had he been upto!!!!! Looking concerned he stammered he didnt know what it was about, he hadnt done anything wrong. Me keeping up the stern face & gruff tone "Then why on earth have you been nominated for a prize then!!!". Poor kid, lol

I've been after a lace summer hat in Primark for the past couple of months but its always been out of stock & they havent been able to get any in. I saw one in the shop window today but couldnt find any instore so I took a deep breath & asked a shop assistant if she could get the one out the window for me - look at me getting the confidence to request stuff in shops! I thought it was a straight forward request but of course with me it wasnt straight forward at all & the poor girl had to ask quite a few other members of staff to find the key to open the gates to the window. When she took it down it turned out the wire rim had come unstitched, so she let me have it for £1, woohoo, its an easy fix so I'm very happy.

FEAST bus was cancelled this week :-( however it meant I could go get shopping & pay bills without Kai with me. (Next week I plan to take piccies of the FEAST bus and tell you all about it, so all will be explained :-)

Kai visited his reception class for the first time on Wednesday & seemed to settle in nicely. is definately rocking my world this week having lost spent many hours, mainly at night getting lots of inspiration, especially for the kids to do in the summer hols.
& finally I have had such an ego boost this week .... I have had sooooo many strangers coming up to me telling me how nice my hair colour is, one even called me beautiful **blush** I have never had strangers come up to me to complement me before, its embarrassing but also very nice. Hooray for blue & green hair.

Life is all about perspective, if you can find the positives in your darkest moments it will go that little way to make your life easier & a much better place to be. To see others doing just like I have pop along to Celtic house, or even join in.


  1. Loving your hair - it looks fabulous!
    Nice list of gratefuls too - it's lovely when little ones settle at school and the bigger ones do well.
    Intrigued by the "Feast bus".
    I spend hours on Pinterest too - as if I didn't have anything else to do!lol
    Hugs xx

  2. you are beautiful K but not because of how you are on the outside xxx

  3. Look at you! Not only gowjuss but making shop staff run around and do your bidding! What a bargain!

    Great list K (except the poorly bit) we do that too with the school letters, Devvie is beyond it now though and just sighs and looks bored. Spoilsport.

    Hope you feel better soon. I love your hair!

  4. I am LOVIN' that hair! You look brilliant, and Zack should be very proud of having such a cool mum.

    Well done for coming up with such a positive list when life is proving to be a struggle - poor you with not much sleep. I hope your cough gets better soon.

    Big changes for little Kai (and you), well done for enjoying his last few weeks at pre-school and making choccy crispy cakes, yum!

    I WANT that hat (once you've mended it, of course!).

    Hope you have a lovely week,


  5. Now knowing that you weren't well when you were writing it I knew you'd have to dig deep but wow what a list - absolutely awesome. Your hair is gorgeous and you are beautiful, loving the new found confidence to ask for the hat in Primark and the fact you got it for a bargain!

    Hope this last week has been easier and the cold fluey thing is on its way out and that you've managed some beauty sleep!




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