Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Capturing ideas on your digi camera.

I find the camera on my mobile invaluable when it comes to remembering ideas I've seen - its only a 2megapixels but thats enough to remind me. Its almost always on me and is less bulky (& obvious) than my digital camera.

So when walking around and I spot someting I want to have a go at, or I like how certain colours go together **click** its on my mobile, shhhh, if its somewhere I shouldnt be taking piccies I pretend I'm sending/checking a text message. I also make visual shopping lists/pressie ideas for my family so can use this as an excuse as well.

A card I liked the idea of and plan to do something similar (I know its sideways, thats the way I held the phone, lol)
I saw these where my sister was staying for a few weeks & thought they were a fab idea, a fairy caught in a jar! so quick **click** and a little reminder on my phone.
This was in a book I was flicking through & I loved the colours (well, colour) especially as an all blue page would bring out my eldest sons stunning blue eyes.
At the NEC a couple of cards I liked the style of.

And finally a pair of shoes I noticed while shopping for kids clothes. I loved the pattern on them and hope to create something similar.
SO my tip this tuesday is to make the most of your digi camera, whether its on your phone or a normal one, to save those ideas that you can see anywhere.


  1. good tip! I do take pics on my mobile the same as u for ideas to try and make myself or to remember but I need to work out how to upload them from my phone!

  2. Wow you take better pictures on your phone than I do with my camera! Good tip though. I should start douing that as more often than not I forget my camera.

  3. Blimey lady you take good pics with your phone, it takes me half an hour to remember where the camera bits are ;-)

  4. The camera is quite nice on the iphone, but not great ... hence me wanting to upgrade to that phone with a 12megapixel camera... but it is very simple to find and use, even Kai uses it with no problems except for the odd finger in the way of the lense.

  5. i love the flower fairies jars! we used to sell them,they are super cute!



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