Monday, 8 March 2010

Peppermint snowflakes

1 Egg White
450g (1lb) Icing Sugar
Peppermint Essence or Oil of Peppermint

Beat the egg white until frothy but not stiff.
Sieve the icing, adding enough to produce a fairly stiff mixture.
Add a few drops of the essence or oil, I taste it at this point to see if I want more peppermint adding.
Knead the mixture in to a firm paste and roll on surface dusted with sieved icing sugar.
Roll out & use a cutter to cut into shapes such as snowflakes or form small balls and flatten.
Place the peppermint creams onto parchment or silicon paper, place in a warm place to dry for 24 hours.
Store in an airtight container.
I'd run out of Kai's potty training reward sweets when I was ill so, having wanted to try these for a while, I gave them a go.

Very easy to make, though my first mix was a little too dry.
They lasted ages, this recipe made 2 platefuls and they just melt into a gooey mess in your mouth.

I used a snowflake cutter as it was the smallest one I owned and think they'd be fab in a nice box/tub/tin to give as christmas presents.


  1. mm ive been meaning to make these for ages !havent had them in YEARS! used to add green food colouring for whatever reason!

  2. Oooh I'm so pleased you posted this. Phoebe made peppermint flowers at cooking club one week and Craig raved about them but poor old Phoebe couldn't remember the exact name of what she used to make them. I'll be storing this one away to surprise him with methinks.

    Thanks K :D

  3. Glad you found it helpful :)

    Liberty- yep, most recipes say add green food colouring to make it look more traditionally minty. You could really use any colour, or even dip them in dark chocolate to make after 8 mints :D



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