Thursday, 4 March 2010

Mass produced cards

This Papercraft thursday I'd like to show you the cards I made for my niece (& her parents) to give as Thank You cards for the gifts they received at her naming ceremony.
I made 33 of them in total

Making several cards with the same design can get a little tedious, especially if its a complex design so I try to opt for simple ones. I also set up a kind of conveyor belt style, cut all papers first, attach ribbon to all of them, then fasten to card etc etc. This way if I do get bored of any stage, I can move onto another stage for a little while, and go back again to do the rest of the cards.

As long as I know the person I find doing something in their style far easier than doing my own style, such as these cards using quite a bit of pink, which most of you will have realised by now I really am not a fan of pink .... is this just a case of me not having discovered my own style yet? Love to hear what you think.


  1. Ooohhh K they are so, so pretty, beautiful thank you cards xxx

  2. really pretty cards!! Now you can come help me with these invites!! xxx

  3. Lovely cards K. Simple design but effective. Nice of you to tail them to the receipient too! x

  4. I think you have a very distinctive style K, which I love. These cards are so pretty - 30? Sheesh. I have trouble doing one but you do 30 in someone elses style? You amaze me every time I come see your creations :)

  5. Thanks gals, you always give me a happy warm feeling :)

    Rusty....If I could I'd be up there like a shot to give you a hand & a good ol' natter

    Carmen - thanks hunny, maybe I'm just too close to see my style then. & the feeling is mutual with your creations as well :)



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