Friday, 5 March 2010

Incy Wincy Spider

So on free for all friday I would like to introduce you to someone...
...This is Incy Wincy Spider (as named by my 2 year old). He's my light pull in our downstairs toilet.
I was fed up of the plain, white plastic generic lightpull we had previously, it was SNORESVILLE.
SO I had a little play with my fimo. I tried making a skull but it looked awful, so my next choice was a spider.
I decided that if I made rigid legs they'd probably break off very quickly so I opted for making bead like sections and popping a thick needle through so after baking I could fasten them to wire.
If I'd had black or red wire I would have used that, but I didnt so he became a royal spider .... blue blood (wire) running through him.
The wire also means I can position the legs where ever I want, giving it character.


  1. He's gorgeous, you are just so creative!!!

  2. unique and not too scarey! I agree with the Rainmac you are incredibly creative and could have a career in making numerous items!

  3. He's great, very cheery! Might make you jump in the dark though! :-)

  4. Thanks gals :)
    I'd love to have a career making things Furry, would have to my USP, niche & have a bit more confidence me thinks first though

    Quiksave, in my downstairs toilet theres far more creepy things in there than this to make people jump :D I had to remove one of my ghostly witches from there a few years back because she used to make my OH jump so much. Its my lil room of goth :)

  5. OMG I was going to ask where you bought him! Then I read on... Do you have an online store yet? If not... WHY NOT?????



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