Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Cutlery & resin Jewellery

For this weeks Want to make Wednesday I'm blaming Mel over at I speak Melsh ... its all your fault Mel, all your fault that I now want to trawl through charity shops and car boots for silver cutlery, all your fault I want to buy little charms and take watches apart etc. & why is it her fault I hear you say ... because Mel put up this post in February!

And ever since then I've wanted to try making my own. There are so many interesting designs out there, and I have so many ideas. Here are a few piccies I've come across to wet your appetite ......

Arent they stunning ..... any one got a burnsamatic hand held torch, propane torch or jewelers torch going spare they'd like to give me? lol


  1. Wow aren't they stunning!!!

  2. Absoloutely beautiful. My DIL would love one of those spoon necklaces x

  3. Try Freectycle... you just never know... ;)

    I know what you mean. I saw that post. ANOTHER thing to add to that very long list of I wanna plaaaaaay!

  4. Unfortunately Carmen, with our local freecycle you have to be able to go pick the items up, no one wants to deliver to poor non-car people like me :(
    Though I've been looking on ebay & can get a small one for about a fiver including p&p, yay!

  5. K, my dear, I'm more than happy to take the blame or the credit for this post! (I must mention Del though, who made the beauties I featured on my blog.) Somehow I never thought of trying to make my own - now I have thought of it, and I do want to, and I blame YOU! ;-)

  6. You are sooo talented I know that you'll be fab when you start these good luck with the burning tools and please be careful!



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