Sunday, 7 March 2010

A sheet for a cape...

Thursday was yet again World Book Day, but Zack was on a school trip so they were told they could dress up on friday as their favourite book character instead. Zacks been reading the Charlie Bone series by Jenny Nimmo, about about a boy who ends up going to wizard school (& as I'm frequently told it is NOT like Harry Potter in anyway) so he asked to go as him. The back up plan was Jeans, white shirt and green jumper, which is Charlies everyday wear, but if I could find out what Charlies uniform was Zack would prefer that.
Well I went hunting, Zack said the uniform was described best in the first book, which he borrowed from the library ... sods law it was already out. Couldnt find anything about it online & all Zack could remember was blue cape.
I found loads of front covers to the books & decided the uniform looked like Jeans or grey school trousers with a white shirt, and blue tie. So my challenge on Thursday was to make a blue tie & cape with what I had in the house
I grabbed a blue bed sheet & started cutting. I'd decided the easiest way to do the tie was to make a tie shape, have it looped over at the top & wrap a rectangle round to form the knot. The loop at the top would be used to thread elastic through.

The cape could be a simple rectangle, sewing 2 pieces together saved hemming all the edges. Gathered at the top made it the trapezium shape I was after and I sewn a rectangular tube over these to keep them firm but neat. The tube was so I could thread the elastic through this as well.

All done and ready to wear the next day ....

heres the finished product...

He even untucked the cloak after putting his coat on so it billowed behind him .... I think its built into all boys genes to want to be a bit like Superman!!

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  1. Oh K look how chuffed he looks! And no wonder, it's fabulous!



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