Tuesday, 2 March 2010

3d Flowers

Tip Tuesday will sometimes be a quick tip, other times a tutorial.
Today I'd like to show you how I made the flowers on my Butterflies layout.
Start off with punched flowers, for the small ones I use 3 all the same size, for the larger flowers I punch out 2 largers ones as well. You can also cut these out by hand.
Make a solution of 1 part pva or tacky glue, and 4 parts water, then dip the flowers in there.

After they are thoroghly wet place them on some kitchen roll or tea towel so remove excess liquid.
Take something such as this embossing tool and glide it along each petal so they curve downwards, you could even gently curl the petal round it to get an even stronger shape. Be careful though as the petals will be delicate due to being wet. You can also do this after they have dried to add more shape.

Place the flower over a rolled up ball of foil, patterned side down, and dry with a hair dryer or heat tool.

For the flower being used for the centre scrunch this around the foil before drying . You can also do this afterwards as well if necessary to give more shape.

Put a small amount of glue to stick all 3 pieces together.


  1. Ooh, thanks for sharing this! I did love those flowers on your layout :-)

  2. Ditto wot Mel said I loved the flowers too and they nlook so good!



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