Sunday, 28 March 2010

Down the rabbit hole .....

It turns out that I dont even need to think to be creative, my subconcious can do it all for me!

A group of us were doing our semi-annual meet up at the NEC, and it had been decided we'd wear rabbit ears so we could find each other in the crowd.

While altering my clothes to wear on the day my OH noticed that everything had an Alice in Wonderland theme (I only noticed this with the shoes, lol) and commented how I'd taken the Rabbit ears idea and ran with it .... I personally hadnt conciously made this link, but hey, its either coincidence or my subconciousness is just as crafty :)

So heres the long T-shirt I started off with ....

It hung 1/2 way down my thighs, which is normally a very flattering length but with this it just looked frumpily straight up and down, even with my lumps & bumps **cough, cough** I mean curves

So I decided to gather up the side to give it a modern, more flattering shape. Before doing this I realised I needed to make any other alterations to make it easier, so I printed off a pocket watch/rose design onto a T-shirt trasfer sheet and cut out the design. I then ironed it on.
Following this I pinned lace to the end of the sleeves and bottom of the t-shirt and sewed it on using a stretch stitch.

Finally I finished it off by using a long stitch and gathering it up. I unfortunatley need to redo this & then sew over it to strengthen it. So heres us all at the nec with our wabbit ears on, of course I have to be different and make my own to match what I was wearing (& so they'd be black & red, lol). Not the most flattering pictures but I've had worse ;)

Next Sunday ... The matching shoes, first time I've sewn onto shoes!


  1. OMG! How talented you are - I can barely managed to sew on buttons & fix hems. Love the transformation.

  2. Now, if I saw that in a shop I would buy it! You are so talented K, this is gorgeous.

    Love that group photo, did you all keep them on all day? Certainly must have raised a few smiles and you definitely wouldn't miss each other :D

  3. You are soooo talented K! I am always in awe of your creativeness and everything you do is just FABtastic xxx

  4. Wow.. I thought you had just sewn the lace on the sleeves. I didnt realise that you had given it a complete overhaul... !!

    It is truley beautiful, Well done hunny you are so clever.

    I cant even thread a needle with a threader lol xx

  5. Wow I can't believe your outfit was customised - you looked great & I noticed your cute shoes! It was nice meeting you x

  6. Awww, thanks gals, best compliment is people not realising all the alterations I had made (i.e they look professionally/shop done)

    Marg - I always find buttons a painin the butt to sew on! Well, to keep a consistent tension on all of them anyway.

    Carmen - While we were inside most of us kept our wabbit ears on all day except when eating. Some of us would forget we had them on so would bash them on low hanging items, and have problems taking bags off from our heads etc.

    Leia - Lovely meeting you too hun.

  7. K, you are so so talented, what a transformation!!!



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