Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Fabric dolls house

Welcome to Want to try Wednesday, a day to show off something I want to have a go at making (well durrr, like I need to explain that to you guys)
Isnt this FAB!!!

& the view from inside......

The pattern is on Dawns blog, Uk lass in US.

It is just so INSPIRING! I get so many ideas looking at it and am thinking of making a few for christmas pressies. Wooden barns for the boys, with a field when opened up for farm animals to graze on. I might even make the animals out of little baby socks.
Lovely little cottages for the girls, with a pretty cottage garden when it opens, maybe with embroidered ivy, or wisteria or roses climbing up the wall on the outside. Detail will all depend on when I can get the materials, when I start making it etc etc etc, very excited about it though.

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  1. This is on my list too! I want to make one for Ruby and if brave enough one for my little 2nd cousin too! May keep an eye out for some cheap furniture to go inside and make or buy a doll for it too.

    Thinking about it - could probably make a little bed to go in it. It's very exciting isn't it? Can't wait to see what yours turns out like!



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