Monday, 15 March 2010

Vegetable Cobbler

I tried baking Debbies Vegetable cobbler over at Country Heart and Home (ingredients here)

I followed Debbies tips from her own experience & added a little bit of parmasan to the cheese to give a bit extra flavour. I was still a little worried about it as my lot arent big veg eaters unless its raw and in sticks to dunk.
I loved this recipe, I am a big veggie eater and this was delicious. The topping added a different texture and was nice to dunk in the juices at the end.
My youngest (almost 3) loved the topping but didnt like the veg.
My eldest (11) ate about half of it but found it rather bland
My OH turned his nose up at it before he'd even tasted it purely because it was healthy & had no meat in it so from the start there was no hope of him liking it.

So unfortunately this didnt go down well at all, so I may make it on other occassions, divide into seperate portions and freeze for those times that they want something I'm not keen on.


  1. I haven't made this one yet but think it will be a hit when I do. We love turkey or Quorn cobbler so this would be very easy to incorporate into that and add the cheese. Yum, yours looks delish! Bunch of philistines - you tell 'em K! :P

  2. Think it would be abit like that at my house too ,K. I live with a housefull of carnivores and none veg eaters :o(.
    Looks tasty though ;o)x



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