Monday, 29 March 2010

MMMalteser Cake

When I saw Debbie put the ingredients up for a Malteser cake I knew I'd have to try it, who could not try a cake thats chocolatey, malty AND has maltesers!

I did make a lil oops though, I picked up the chocolate horlicks drink by mistake and didnt notice until afterwards, so this cake was more chocolatey than malty.

The mix is quite runny which makes for a lovely moist cake. As it was a large cake I had to ccok it for quite a bit longer than the recipe states for the fairycakes, I think it was an hour in total, but I kept checking it to make sure.

And the results.... Everyone loved it! So much so there was complaints when I made one to take to the NEC, from my family as I hadnt cooked them one.

The one for the NEC I substituted the horlicks and cocoa powder for malteser chocolate drink powder. It gave a much lighter taste to how I had done it before.
Definately a recipe I would recommend!!!


  1. OMG! That looks so good (& I don't usually 'do' chocolate cake)

  2. And what a beautiful cake it was!! I have never tasted such choccy heaven!! xx

  3. OMG! OMG! OMG! Haven't done this one yet - just leaned back so OH could see your piccy he was drooling, fork full of lunch mid way to his chops :P

    One to definitely make before I hit Slimming World on Thursday!! However did you get that to the NEC is such wonderful condition?

  4. Carmen, only the maltesers slipped thankfully, I had it in a circular based backpack in a tin & kept checking it was the right way up, lol.



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